Whole House Dehumidifiers

Who needs a whole house dehumidifier? The warning signs of excessive humidity include sticky or sweaty floors, mold or mildew anywhere in your home, musty odors, condensation on your water pipes or a clammy feeling on your skin. If you have any of these conditions, your home's air is too humid and needs to be controlled.

Cold and damp. In many parts of the country, excess humidity can cause big problems – especially in the Spring and Fall when it’s still cool outside but potentially damp within your home. Controlling the humidity level in your home is one of the most important elements in maintaining a comfortable living environment.

A/C won't always fix it. Unfortunately, your air conditioning alone can’t always balance these levels. That’s not what it is intended to do. In fact, if you are running your air conditioner and your house still feels stuffy, clammy or just generally uncomfortable, you might need a whole house dehumidifier added to your system.

A dehumidifier is essentially the opposite of a humidifier: Instead of infusing water vapor, a dehumidifier regulates the air in your home and when necessary reduces water vapor. Applied to your home’s HVAC system and ductwork, the dehumidifier condenses the water vapor in the air, converting it to its liquid form and effectively pulling it out of the air before the air is recycled back into your living space.

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