Electronic Air Cleaning

One of the greatest and newest technologies is Electronic Air Cleaning. Electronic Air Cleaning can remove up to 98% of most all contaminants. This process can assist in removing dirt in the air, pet dander, lint, pollen, cooking grease, and other pollutants in the air. This is not only a benefit to your respiratory system but helps keep your home cleaner as well.

Electronic Air Cleaning works when air passes through the cleaning system. The particles that pass through are electrically charged with ionizing wires which are then passed to Collector Plates that have an opposite charge. When these particles are trapped on the Collector Plate the final process is providing you with cleaner air. The best thing is that the maintenance is low and there is no need to replace the filters. You just remove the electronic air cleaner filter, wash and let it dry. Some are also dishwasher safe.

Although you can buy individual room air cleaners, for better results, we recommend whole house Electronic Air Cleaning. A technician can determine the right Electronic Air Cleaner for your home and once your system is installed, will be happy to show you exactly how your new Electronic Air Cleaner operates.

So whether it’s just for you, or the well being of the little ones playing in the house, you can have clean and unpolluted indoor air giving you peace of mind and improved health.  Contact A-TEAM Heating & Air Conditioning today at (888) 433-9413 for a free estimate on electronic air cleaning, an electronic air cleaner or your heating/cooling system in general!


ATEAM We would like to thank you for the quick response to my call and for servicing my air conditioning when we were all in melt down mode. Your service technicians were very professional and polite and we will recommend you guys to everyone in the future. Thanks again.
~R & S Kennedy, Pittsgrove NJ

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