Heat Pump Systems

In a mild climate, a heat pump system may be your best option for effective and efficient heat.

What is a heat pump? A heat pump is simply an air conditioner that can switch to become a heating unit. When air conditioners process refrigerants such as Freon, they create a tremendous amount of heat. The heat pump simply reverses part of the process to extract and distribute that heat throughout the home.

Best for warmer climates. Heat pumps are generally very energy efficient for central heating in climates where the temperature is somewhat mild. However, if the outside temperature falls below 37°F, heat pumps need to run constantly to maintain warmth.

Heat pump ice build-up. The coils within the heat pump’s outdoor component may collect ice. To function properly, the heat pump has to melt this ice every once in a while so that it doesn’t build up and damage the unit. To do this, the heat pump automatically switches back to air conditioner mode. But you won’t feel it, because when the unit switches to AC mode, electric heating strips are activated within the unit to keep warm air flowing. When the ice is melted, everything goes back to normal.

Combine with a furnace. Dual-fuel systems use an electric heat pump during milder temperatures (above freezing) along with a gas furnace during cold weather. This solution has become a popular solution for maximum comfort.
Tune up your heat pump for best performance. Remember, just like any other HVAC system, the key to years of efficiency with a heat pump is regular maintenance.

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