Dual-Fuel Air Conditioning Systems

A dual-fuel A/C pump is an electric heat pump and a gas furnace all in one. In areas of the country where temperatures are typically above freezing and that have low electric rates, a heat pump is the most efficient way to heat your home. In those few instances when the temperature drops below freezing, a gas furnace provides heat more economically. By combining the two, you can have the benefits of both systems.

How it works. When the temperature is above 35° or so, the dual-fuel heat pump uses electricity to heat your home as necessary. This type of heat circulates evenly throughout your home, and isn't too dry. When it gets really cold outside (around 35° or lower), the heat pump automatically switches to supplemental gas heat for better efficiency.

Because there are advantages and disadvantages to both a heat pump and gas furnace based on the outdoor temperature, the dual-fuel solution really does give you the best of both worlds. It's the most comfortable heating system at any outdoor temperature, as well as one of the most efficient, versatile, and economical heating-and-cooling systems you can buy.

Cost and savings. A dual-fuel heat pump system costs about $600 to $1,000 more than conventional heating and cooling systems because you’re getting essentially two systems in one. But the amount you'll save in the next two to three years from lower heating costs will more than make up the difference you spend on this versatile system.

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